Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's controlling all aspects of every existing thing...

'tis pure Energy that controls all...
Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. & Spiritually.

Seems as if each passing day, becomes more of an illusion.

Each time I cry for help, I hardly let it out through my voice... because in the end I can only help myself. And I am aware of this ALL THE TIME now. It seems as if no one wants to help.

Each time someone tries to irritate me, anger me, make me jealous ("subconsciously"), I can't help but to laugh within. I see their flaws and ill will far past their words and actions.
And I understand.

We've created things that are seemingly flawless.
When we want those things [material possessions] right this instant, we become greedy creatures. We greed off each other, we envy off each other, we hurt one another to gain more.
Like a walking disease. of some sort?

P L A Y W O R L D. what we live in. what we have created...

NO-THING is permanent.
Nothing more than your mind and spirit.
Your body will vaporizzZzzZe one day. Into the COSMOS!!!! & BEYOOOOND!!
So, just take care of it to the best of your ability, for however long you shall live.

We'd be much more appreciative of our true surroundings, if only more people could see past human beings merely as other human beings - physical appearances. We have energy/power that is so strong, (that we are ALL capable of being aware of and utilizing) we can control each other through our spirits. It's almost creepy and gives me goosebumps... but there's no escaping the fundamental truth. The vast majority of human beings choose to use their feeble/ordinary minds, especially in Western civilization where what we know best is to consume. It's unfortunate knowing this... and it's even more unfortunate "living" among the ignorant masses.
WAKE UP. I can only introduce you to this i n f o r m a t i o n, that's all I'm doing, is giving information; it's left to you to make something of this. I encourage you to.

Use more than your five ordinary senses, discover yourself through your purest essence - energy.
I guarantee your life this very moment, will be the best one yet.

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