Thursday, July 9, 2009

You and I

Although I may be a petite young lady mind is as boundless as the sky.

This life, your life, my life, is all quite similar because you see, I am a sentient being, a human being, an evolved animal, just like you. Someone else recognized that with me. This other person said to me a week or so ago, "You are a beautiful person." My mind was already in a vulnerable state at that time, so then hearing those exact words moved me even more. I didn't feel obligated to be flattered nor did I view the word "beautiful" as how I appeared on the outside.

I will never say "don't judge me" (and be serious about it), because I can't control the words you say nor the thoughts you think from my outer image, the words I say, words you choose to hear, my actions, gestures, etc. Think what you want, speak all you want, detect my flaws - nothing you say will phase me in a negative approach. I will laugh while you laugh.

I am just like you...

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