Saturday, May 21, 2011

Awakening Information 101

"what we're seeing today in terms of global warming and climate change and all the rest of it that goes with that... I do not believe is being caused by mankind... and the ambitions from our cars and manufacturers and so on... I don't say that those things are a good thing, far from it, I think it's a disaster that we've used up so much of the earth's resources so quickly... But those are not what are driving the change of the climate on this earth, it's the sun that's done it. It's the sun... and the sun itself is being driven by cosmic forces as well... that we live within a universe of change, and it's foolish of us to think otherwise." - 2012, An Awakening


As the force field weakens, so the earth becomes more open to outside forces and influences than it is when the shielding is strongest... it's a bit like an umbrella, you put your umbrella up and the rain can't reach you; you put it down and if it is raining than rain is going to make you wet. So this seems to have something to do with this change in times that we're seeing...


...we have an opportunity... to surrender the illusions that keep us fixated to that limited state of consciousness that is ruled by the vain and false ego. The ego is out of control... ego has always been a fiction of convenience but at some point in the great cycles of time, humanity lost their connection with the true eternal consciousness, which is our birth right, it resides at the core of our hearts... and when that connection got severed than ego got deputized to take over that function and then things just kinda went haywire from there. So the core teaching is about right relationship with the true eternal self and how at the end of the age we can rekindle that connection within our hearts.
We are living a very unique time.