Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it."

You and me are constantly transforming. I am becoming more aware, more ambitious, more creative, more soulful, more joyous, more content, so long as I continue to want to keep evolving and live this life to the fullest! And we can all do this together with each other's support and encouragement. :)
Here's some new pieces of jewelry I have recently created:

[and you can go here if you're interesting in buying any of these or you just want to look at what I have in my shop! :)]

Friday, March 25, 2011

And A Bottle Of FUN!

Just like every year during SXSW, it's always great fun! This year was by far the best though. Hung out two days in a row with two of my favorite Death Metal & Progressive Metal bands - The Faceless & Animals As Leaders! They're from California & Washington DC; Animals as Leaders is instrumental so if you're not into the whole "screaming thing" as most people unfamiliar with metal would call it - you should listen to AAL instead. They both have a huge following and are both extremely talented. The Faceless band page & one of my favorite
songs/music videos by Animals As Leaders . Check em out! (And trust me, you haven't heard real badass soul touching music until you've listened to these guys...)

I've been rather healthy for the past several years, but of course during SXSW, I got pretty drunk nearly every night of the week haha my kidneys were hurtin' but it definitely added to the adventures! Some of the people who run ETSY came to Austin & partied it up as well and many
folks got to create things with them - I never got to make it out to where they were, unfortunately, but I hope there will be a next time! I danced the nights away, hung out with great people, saw way too many fights, did plenty of bar hopping, made new friends, saw old ones, heard tons of good music, ate way too much pizza, boyfriend played a show with one of his bands - Baphemetis, ran up and down 6th street, etc. Anyway, that was LAST WEEK when all that craziness went down...
...and I STILL feel drained from it all

but it's back to business now!

This past Wednesday I got to sell some of my artwork and handmade jewelry at one of my best friend's parent's Mexican restaurant, Maeydelynn - she sold some of her artwork and jewelry as well, along with another good friend, Scott Lindauer (him and I did this collaboration together: "Dream of Consciousness")
Here are some photos from our amateur set-up:

Also got more of my leg tattooed last Sunday by my good friend, amazing tattoo artist, Chip:

This has been a very interesting & crazy week thus far AND THINGS ARE ONLY BOUND TO GET BETTER. I am so grateful for all that this universe has given me... even if it's always been me who made my universe what it is... life is good. Now all I am in need of is some yoga!

Y Elli

p.s. Damn, it feels good to write... & I'll be posting new jewelry soon!

Friday, March 18, 2011

update. new things. links.

I think it's about time for a new blog entry. haha. But I don't have much to say right now other than, mannn, I really need to start pumping out new ARTWORK! I mean, I have a decent portfolio but I haven't been doing many big pieces lately (here's a link to majority of my artwork I've done over the course of the last 4-ish years: that'll change very, very, very soon... especially when someone gives you motivation. :) 2011 started off not so well, but I feel as if things are slowly/gradually getting "better". You just have to be patient. Which is something I really need to work on. Thus far, life isn't bad and well, not the best it can be right now but in every moment, you have that chance to make things good, right & more positive.

Everyday from now on, I will create something new, take pictures of it & if I have the time I will post it on here. Nothing ordinary either. I like simplicity equally as much as I like intricate/complex artwork & jewelry but (at least for now) I am going to focus on a series of only intricate/complex work. I want to push myself beyond the limits that roll around in my conscious mind.

Keep in touch, "follow me", & here are some links to some websites I will be keeping up with from now on:
Tumblr Blog:

Y Elli