Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introduction to my tipping point

"When I came out of the coma in the hospital, I opened my eyes and saw pieces of the Light everywhere.
I could see how everything in the world fits together."

It took a child who had died and came back to life, to realize how beautiful life is. ^

"I remember coming round from the anesthetic and then drifting off and finding myself out of my body, over the bed looking down at my carcass. I was aware only of being a brain and eyes, I do not remember having a body."

This man explained his "out-of-body" experience before realizing he had died and was brought back to life. ^

These inspirational quotes show us a glimpse that "death" will not only be the most beautiful realm we'll ever encounter (depending on how you lived your "life" as a human being) but these quotes should help you (I hope) reflect on what good you've done in your past. Become enlightened with self-realization by the nature of your mind, not your ordinary, selfish, materialistic mind. Only you can fully perceive this, if you can first, let go of your self-centered mind and belief that "seeing is believing". That is foolish thinking.

A woman named, Margot Grey, studied these near-death experiences, explained, "We do not need nearly to die in order to experience a higher spiritual reality." That higher spiritual reality is here and now, in life, if only we can discover and enter it.

I suppose you could call me a hypocrite from what I've said in my past about how fucking retarded "being spiritual" sounded. I sincerely apologize to myself more than anyone that I have passed in my path(s) because I had been prejudging from an ignorant point of view - naive, narrow-minded, impressionable youngster - and almost everything I didn't want to be, I was, because of the way I allowed society to mold me. My physical body is all of seventeen years young, but my mind is constantly acquiring more and more wisdom nearly every passing moment.
There was a tipping point in my past (this past May) that expanded my mind far more than I'd ever anticipate.
I won't go into further detail about this "tipping point" - publicly, but I will proceed to say that the vast majority of human beings, especially Americans, are ignorant. Now, if I was reading this, from the perspective of my naive, narrow-minded, impressionable youngster-self, I would laugh at myself today (or most likely not have read any of this). Good thing there's such thing as the past, present and future, so that they don't all occur simultaneously.

The first moment that I stumbled upon the answer to the question, "WHO AM I?", I have only felt the emotion: fulfillment. I find it extremely difficult to be stressed and angry in this planet at all anymore. I've done my fair share of being a bitch, trying to be like someone else, and going through all the negative emotions. I finally understand where all the stress and anger, shame and sorrow, envy and hatred, evolves from - it's all in your mind.

I'm merely a spiritual being, in a human body, with pondering mind and wondering soul.

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