Sunday, August 23, 2009


You try your absolute hardest to please others, not for them to please you in return but because essentially, you feel good after your dedication. You may have or may not have realized yet that we are born into this small world, into these "individual" bodies and minds, to help others. No one is independent, only interdependent. We were given these bodies and minds because we were meant to be here to support all entities, not only "ourselves".

The things given to us for free, we tend to take for granted, easily; when something is not in our hands in the present time, we crave and anticipate instantly. As much as I don't like to say "you should do this or that", I encourage you from the bottom of my heart to appreciate every passing moment - good and bad - and everything surrounding you at all times because when it's "gone", that's when you'll miss it the most and when you already have it, it's often ignored...

I don't feel sympathy for myself as much as I have ever felt for others - I only hurt me when I felt pity for myself. I was recently reassured that the most effective way to live is with compassion - desiring nothing less than happiness and liberation from suffering. Ponder this notion: when you're struggling, feeling hopeless, anxious for a miracle, depressed or stressed, it's simply because you're not entirely aware of your natural mind - you may be aware of the exterior of things surrounding you but you don't bother to look inside nor have you ever paid full attention to your insight. The tiniest glimpses we see, feel and that pass through our minds, that make us smile and feel at ease, are what we have ignored the most due to our corrupted society and negative energy around us. It takes that translucent insight from every sentient being to fully realize this...

We suffer and hurt because we let all the negative emotions and negative energy control us rather than us striving to control it. We then become slaves to our misery in the end.

We feed off of each other because of the strong energy that pulls us in. Humans and all entities created have this energy within. You are much more than a simple "human being". Our minds and bodies were given to us for every reason and they are the greatest gift you'll ever have in the present.

We are always conscious; we are always connected; we have always, fundamentally, been compassionate.

You are only taught, at a young age, to do harm, rebel, discriminate and seek revenge.
But this is when you have neglected your true nature...

What we do to others directly does onto you. There is nothing more powerful than that intrinsic law in this bardo (-intermediate state) of life. The way you live your "life" is the way you [will] live your "death". There should never be anything to FEAR nor ever be ASHAMED of!!! ...only if you can learn right now to dissolve your ego and the idea that YOU, as an "individual", ever needs to be above others. Who the hell do you think you are to believe that? Sorry, but the world never has and never will revolve around you.

The moment of truth is right before you reach the bardo of death, and "your life flashes before you"... every little thing you've done, every word you've spoke, every person you ever encountered, every emotion you've ever felt, it all counts. There will then be a realization of how precious that life was... and it only continues but this realm, the awakened state of BEING, is entirely dependent on how you chose to live your life.

Continue to broaden your mind; proceed to help others.

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